About 2kee

2kee - Artist,Singer,Songwriter,Performer,Producer/Engineer



             2KEE is a Artist,Singer/Songwriter,Performer and producer/engineer. He started singing at the age of three, became a writer at 8yrs old and became a performer at the age of twelve.

             Due to his love for music, he has dedicated is talent to Performing a variety of Music Genres such as R&B,Jazz,Hip-Hop,Soul,Pop,African,Dancehall,Reggae, Rock,Gospel,Inspirational & more.., he released his first Mixtape called "1st Round" with singles such as "So Far Gone" ft. Lil Rich & Chaz, "Who Can U Love" ft. Bam Savage and later released single "Two Of Us". He has written, recorded and collaborated with numerous artists including Gospel artists as well and many more.

          2KEE released his first Official Album called "INTERMISSION-2nd ROUND" with (14)tracks now available since February 2016 on iam2kee.com , TIDAL, Itunes , Spotify and more.. He continues to perform at the annual Afican Festivals in the greater Boston area and all over the United States/Worldwide. He has also performed in New York(NY), Connecticut (CT),Pennsylvania(PA),California(CA),Georgia(GA),North Carolina(NC),Maine(ME),Florida(FL) just to name a few. 2KEE is a member of the production team WickedEye Ent. He plans to keep exposing himself to more ways and opportunities to further his music to everyone,everywhere around the WORLD!! Even YOU!!!